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Examples of Ampio Stucco Lustro surfaces applied in private homes over the last 30 years in a great variety of colours and textures. Photos do not do justice to Stucco Lustro. You need to sense the room and touch the surface. We recommend that you make an appointment with us in Raadvad.

Signature wall, Copenhagen

Signature wall, close up

Bathroom, Valby

Bathroom, Valby

White fireplace, Vedbæk

Shiny ceiling reflects the garden and the sea

Bathroom, Christianshavn

Bathroom, Christianshavn

Bathroom with mother of pearl, Hellerup

Sky blue, coffered ceiling, Hellerup

Columns in historical villa, Frederiksberg

Fireplace, penthouse, Islands Brygge

Wall decoration, Islands Brygge

Signature wall, close up, Charlottenlund

Green ceiling, Taarbæk

Livingroom wall

Fireplace, close up

Signature wall

Bathroom, Vedbæk

Bathroom, Vedbæk

Bathroom, Vedbæk

Bathroom, Hellerup

Signature wall close up

Detail of wall


Close up.

Fireplace and shiny ceiling, Hellerup

Stair case, Taarbæk

Close up, light reflection

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